Solar Power Systems

The Costa Blanca's Solar Pioneers

Since 1994

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The Costa Blanca's Solar Pioneers since 1994.

With almost 30 years of experience, thousands of clients and our own teams of FEMPA certified installers, we have been a household name on the Costa Blanca Since 1994.

We speak English, Dutch, Spanish, German and French.

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Premium Quality Materials

We only utilise premium quality materials by European, American, Japanese or South Korean brands that have proven themselves in Spain over the years. We will never offer you B-brands or materials we do not have experience with. All our installed systems have an excellent and quick support team behind them.

Professional Installation

Our installations teams consist out of our FEMPA certified installed and electricians that her seen everything. Depending on the kind of system we install, you will always have an installation team that did the same job hundreds of times before. No system, house or situation is too much for us.

An Eye for Detail

We find the aesthetic finishing of our systems very important, and we always make sure that any cables are not visible and all systems are neatly installed.

Knowledge and Skill

We can help you with almost anything in the area of electricity, heating and cooling, water and pools. Our core business are photovoltaic systems in combination with heat pumps, pool heating and air conditioning.

Experience in Spain

We have been active on the Costa Blanca since 1994, where we have seen hundreds of companies come and go. We don’t just have 30 year of experience, but 30 years of experience in Spain, with Spanish building, Spanish companies and partners, Spanish legalisation and Spanish roofs, power grids and electric infrastructure.

Stronger Together

We have an impressive network of partners that we pick on knowledge, skill and experience. We are used to a good communication with construction companies, architects, rental/service companies, town halls and communities.

Visit our showroom!

After 26 years at los Biblos we have moved to a new showroom/office. We are now located 200 metres more towards Calpe in comparison to our old shop, in-between supermarket feinkost and caramicas valles.
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Meet our team

Eric De Nijs

English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French

Thomas Greve

English, Spanish, German, Dutch

Frank Clement

English, Spanish, German, French

William Gamez Rodriguez
Installer (photovoltaic systems)

Spanish, English

Marcel Tummers
Installer (photovoltaic systems)

English, Spanish, German, Dutch

Archimedes Gamez
Installer (photovoltaic systems)


Daniel Weichsel
Installer (heat pumps, pool heating, air conditioning)

Spanish, English, German

Chris Piechna
Installer (heat pumps, pool heating, air conditioning)

English, Spanish, German, Polish

Egor Silva
Installer (heat pumps, pool heating, air conditioning)

Spanish, English, Portugese


(+34) 965 837 808



Grupo Pinos Los Urban 2D, 03710, Calpe (Alicante), Spain

Opening Hours

Mon - Frid: 9:00 - 14:00 (afternoon on appointment)