Air Conditioning

We supply and install all types of air conditioning systems such as split models (1 indoor unit on 1 outdoor unit), multi-split models (1-5 indoor units on 1 outdoor unit), air shaft systems (air is distributed via shafts/ducts) and ceiling models (indoor unit is placed in the ceiling). We only work with A-quality (inverter) air conditioners by Panasonic, Daikin, LG, Gree, Mitsubishi and Samsung.

Air conditioning can be especially interesting in combination with solar photovoltaic panels, where they can supply your home with hot and cold air during the day without electricity costs.

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Low Consumption

All of our offered air conditioning systems have A++ or A+++ energy labels.


Air conditioners can cool, heat, dehumidify and optionally filter air.


Modern air conditioners are a lot more quite then before and have silent or sleep modes.


When there is a Wi-Fi signal at the location of the indoor unit, most air conditioners can be controlled by a smartphone.

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