A much lower electricity bill

FEMPA certified installation

Including administrative work

Only premium materials and brands

Only EU or Korean made solar panels

With reimbursements for injected electricity

The most experience on the Costa Blanca

Go Solar!

Still have an empty roof on the South, East or West? Still having high electricity bills?

Use the strong Spanish sun to drastically lower your electricity bill!

Lower Electricity Bill

Even a relatively small system will lower your electricity bills significantly, while living more sustainable.

Eye for Detail

We are known for our eye for detail. All cables are neatly concealed inside the walls or cable canals.

Comparison Service (optional)

In most cases, we are able to offer you interesting electricity tariffs and low fixed costs via our comparison service, making your bills even lower.

Experience in Spain

Not just 30 years of experience, but 30 years of experience in Spain, with the Spanish roofs, Spanish power grid and legislation. We have installed more than 250 systems on the Costa Blanca.

Battery storage

Most of our offered systems can be upgraded with lithium-ion battery storage. This can be done immediately or at a later moment.

Premium Materials

We only utilise premium quality materials and brands from the EU, United States, South Korea or Japan.

Long Warranties

Long lasting warranties of 25 years on solar panels and 12 years on inverters (upgradable to 25 years).

With Reimbursements

Electricity you generate but don’t use, will flow back into the main grid and your electricity supplier will compensate you for this.


Solar (photovoltaic) panels are our main business, but we also have lot’s of experience with heat pumps, pool heating and air conditioning, which are an interesting combination with solar panels.

Electric Vehicles

Solar inverters and EV chargers can be combined, making you able to charge your electric car a lot faster than with traditional chargers.

Including Paperwork

All our systems include the registration of the system and legalisation of the grid injection.

Payback Period

A system designed on your electricity consumption and without battery storage can be earned back in 5-7 years.

Apps and Software

View every little about the system on your smartphone, tablet or laptop (production, consumption and grid injection/consumption).

Professional Installation

Our installers are FEMPA certified and have hundreds of systems of experience on all roof and surface area types. From modern villa’s to hundreds of year old finca’s.

Going solar is easy!

  • 1

    We will ask you for one of your electricity bills, so that we have information about your electricity connection and consumption.

  • 2

    We will send you an obligation free quotation and energy report, where you can see what the system will generate and how it will look like, based on our situation (inclination/orientation.

  • 3
    Visit on location

    After receiving a proposal and before installation, we will visit you in order to observe the situation. The price we give you before visiting is always the final price, with the exception fo removing old systems and optimisers.

  • 4

    Installation usually takes one day and can be done within 2-3 weeks.

  • 5

    After installation, we register the system and legalise the grid-injection in order to receive reimbursements for injected electricity. This paperwork is obligated and always included in the total price.

How does a grid-connected solar (photovoltaic) panel system work?

In a grid-connected system, the solar panels will generate electricity during the day, which is immediately used by your home. If the panels are generating more electricity than your home needs, the surplus electricity flows back into the main grid. Your electricity supplier will compensate you for this injected electricity. When your home needs more electricity than the panels are generating, additional electricity is taken from the main grid. 

String-inverters and micro-inverters

Inverters invert DC electricity, which is generated by the solar panels, into AC electricity, the type of electricity we use in our homes. Depending on the situation, we use string-inverters with optimisers (SolarEdge) or micro-inverters (Enphase). In a string-inverter system, there will be one main inverter. In a micro-inverter system, every panel is outfitted with it’s own micro-inverter. In most situations we use string-inverters, but when you have little space for panels or when you have multiple small roofs with different orientations, we will advise micro-inverters. Beside SolarEdge string-inverters and if desired, we also install Fronius, SMA and Huawei inverters.

Integrated EV-chargers

Inverters with EV charger offer you the ability to charge your electric vehicle 2,5 times faster than with a standard charger, through an innovative solar boost mode that uses electricity from the grid and electricity from the solar panels simultaneously. This also reduces the hassle of installing a separate charger and eliminates the need for additional wiring and electrical components. 

Water heating solutions

Optionally, it is possible to divert surplus electricity to power water heating systems in stead of injecting into the main grid. This will of course lower your water heating costs significantly. If there is no need to heat the water, the system will start injecting in to the main grid. 

water heating

Battery storage

Optionally, surplus electricity can be stored inside one or more lithium-ion batteries. Your home will use the stored electricity at times that the house needs more electricity than the panels are generating and at times with low or no sunlight. 

Only premium PV modules

The solar PV panels we use for our installation are mono-crystalline HC PERC Hyundai (South Korean) panels or Sunpower (American) panels with a record breaking efficiency. All panels are premium tier 1 panels that have a product warranty of 25 years.

solar photovoltaic panels 9 solar power systems

Complete Control, wherever you are

When the inverter is connected to your home-network via Wi-Fi or cable, you will be able to:


See how much electricity the system is generating (live).


See how much electricity you are taking from the main grid (live).

Revenue Statistics

See how fast you are earning the system back.

Solar Power Systems Fusion Solar

See how much electricity your home is using (live).


See how much electricity your are injecting into the grid (live).

And much more!

See how much each panel is producing individually, view battery statistics and view EV charging and water heating statistics.

Paperwork, reimbursements and comparison service

After the system is installed, we will register the system and legalise the grid-injection via the ministry of industry (GVA). This important and obligated administrative work is done so that you will receive reimbursements for electricity you generate but don’t use, and that flows back into the main grid. Your electricity supplier can see how much electricity you are injecting via a smart meter that sends this data to the supplier digitally. Per injected kWh, your supplier will pay you 0,049 cents + IVA. This money will be taken of the money you still have to pay your supplier, for electricity used at night for example (excluding fixed costs and the number of kWh’s may not be negative). 

After the administrative work has been carried out by us, you and the electricity supplier will receive a certificate (certificado en baja tension para una instalacion generadora). This certificate is then used to apply for the reimbursements. You electricity supplier will then contact you regarding the reimbursements. 

Optionally, we can send the certificate and your electricity invoice to an electricity supplier comparison company, that will find out who can offer you better tariffs and lower fixed costs and always with reimbursements for injected electricity. Switching suppliers will also cause the reimbursements to be paid a lot faster, in comparison to staying with the lager companies, like Iberdrola and Endesa, that take a lot longer to start paying for the injected electricity. The comparison company will send you a proposal in your own language and will also cancel the contract with the previous supplier. This service is free of charge. 

Frequently asked questions

About grid-connected solar panel systems in Spain
System questions

What if there is shadow on the panels?

Shade can negatively affect production. Because every panel is outfitted with an optimiser, a panel with shade on it, will not effect the panels in sunlight negatively.

What happens if the main grid fails?

A grid-connected system cannot supply your home with electricity when the main grid fails, unless a UPS system or inverter with UPS function in combination with battery storage is used.

Can the panels get too hot?

The panels can get hot in summer, but not too hot. The loses due to heat are relatively small and are calculated in the energy report that you receive with your quotation.

Can I expand the system with more panels later?

If you are thinking of adding more then 1-2 kW of panels in the future, we can install a stronger inverter during the first installation. This is important when you are thinking about buying a heat pump, pool heating systems, more air conditioners or an electric vehicle.

Installation questions

How are the panels installed on roofs?

With a diamond drill we drill a hole through the roof tile and the “bardo” (red stones used in roofing suits in Spain). Here we insert a threaded end and then the hole is sealed with a special waterproof glue so that there is no chance of leakage. Rails are mounted on the threaded end on which the panels are placed. The materials we use for this are by Würth.

How are the panels installed on flat surfaces?

For flat surfaces we use storm-proof prefab foundations or structures with an inclination of 5, 10, 15 or 30 degrees.

What if the roof tiles break during installation?

All the roofs tiles that break during installation, are replaced by us, no matter how many.

Who installs the system?

Our teams of FEMPA certified installers and electricians with hundreds of systems of experience on all home and roof types. From modern newly built villa’s to hundreds of year old finca’s

Do you install off-grid systems?

Yes, we also install all types of off-grid systems. With off-grid solar panel systems you are not connected to the main grid. All the electricity that your home needs is generated by the solar panels and stored inside batteries. These systems are used for being independent from electricity suppliers and for homes where realising a connection to the main grid is impossible or too expensive. In order to make sure you have enough electricity during storms that last for multiple days, a backup generator is used.

Do you install hybrid systems?

Yes. Hybrid systems are a mix between grid-connected and off-grid systems. The main will hereby function as the back-up generator in an off-grid system. You generate and store your own electricity and only use the main grid as a backup, during storms that last for multiple days.

Administration questions

Are grid-connected solar panels legal in Spain?

Yes. Where you previously had to pay a tax on the returned energy (untill April 2019 – Impuesto del sol) you will now receive a compensation for the returned energy (real decree 244/2019).

Where do you install?

We are based in Calpe and install on the Costa Blanca, Spain (Marina Alta – Marina Baja). We install in Calpe, Benissa, Moraira, Benitatchell, Jalon, Javea, Denia, Ondara, Altea, Alfaz, Albir, Benidorm, La Nucia, Villajoyosa and all towns and villages in-between.

Do you offer panel cleaning services?

Yes, we offer a professional and affordable cleaning service using the right gear and de-ionised water (zero ppm TDS).

What languages do you speak?

English, Dutch, Spanish, German and French.

What languages do the installers speak?

Our teams consist out of installers and electricans. Together they speak English, Dutch, Spanish and German.

Do you lease, rent or finance systems?

No, at this moment we do not. You can ask your bank to see if they have interesting loans for renewable solutions.

Do you sell systems and materials separately?

Yes. Visit or contact us for more information.


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