Pool Heat Pumps

Pool heat pumps can extend the swimming season or keep your pool warm all year, including the winter months. A small heat pump can already extend the swimming season by months and a stronger heat pump in combination with a pool cover can keep the pool warm 365 days per year. Depending on the situation and budget, we mainly work with heat pumps from Astralpool, Zodiac, Polytropic or Hayward.

If an extension of the season is enough for you, solar pool heating panels can be an alternative without electricity costs. Pool heat pumps can be especially interesting in combination with solar photovoltaic panels to generate the electricity the heat pump needs.

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A heat pump produces more energy than it uses. This means that for every kWh that you pay to the electricity supplier, you get three to five kWh of thermal energy for your swimming pool.

Inverter Technology

An inverter heat pump uses less energy than a traditional heat pump and can determine for itself whether and when it should heat faster or slower, saving a lot of electricity.

Easy to Integrate

Pool heat pumps can be integrated into the existing pump and filter system relatively easy. All you need is a free space where the heat pump can be placed or hung.


When there is a Wi-Fi signal at the location of the heat pump, most heat pumps can be controlled via a smartphone app.


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