Solar router: The most interesting option for people with solar panels

What is the solar router?

With the solar router service, a 4G router is installed near the inverter. On the router, a smart algorithm is constantly checking at what electricity supplier it can buy your electricity at the cheapest rates and buys it there. This way you always buy your electricity at the lowest rates. 

To give an example: This month 1 kWh costed 0,28 +5% IVA at Iberdrola and 0,34 +5% IVA at Fenie Energia. In the same month, clients with a solar router paid 0,19 +5% IVA.

High reimbursements for surplus electricity

Not all suppliers pay the same amount for surplus electricity (electricity you don’t user yourself and is therefore injected into the main power grid). Via the solar router you can always be assured that you receive high reimbursements for surplus electricity.

To give an example: This month, 1 kWh of surplus electricity was reimbursed with 0,13 +5% IVA at Iberdrola and 0,05 +5% IVA at Fenie Energia. In the same month, clients with a solar router received 0,15 +5% IVA.

Virtual battery

Electricity suppliers in Spain do not pay for surplus electricity, when the number of kWh’s of surplus electricity is higher than the number of consumed kWh’s. If you use 500 kWh and return 250 kWh, you will receive a compensation for 250 kWh. If you use 250 kWh and return 500 kWh, the electricity supplier will reimburse a maximum of 250 kWh. The remaining 250 kWh is lost. The solar router can “store” this extra 250 kWh for you so that you can use it for months that you may need it. This ‘’stored’’ electricity will be mentioned on your electricity bill so that you always know how much stored electricity you have for later months.

Wi-Fi for inverter

The inverter can be connected to the 4G network of the 4G router, so that communication between the inverter and the internet will take place without using your own Wi-Fi network. This means that no communication problems can occur when switching providers, or when adjusting network settings such as Wi-Fi names and Wi-Fi passwords. If you have an internet connection that only works when you are in Spain, you can still see data of the system when you are not in Spain and your internet is not active. It’s also a lot easier to get your internet connected to the internet, especially if you inverter is at a location with a poor Wi-Fi signal, such as in a basement or any location far away from the router. 

In a nutshell:

  • You get the lowest possible electricity rates every month
  • You will receive the highest reimbursements for surplus electricity every month
  • Store surplus electricity via the virtual battery so that when you have more surplus electricity than you consume, you can use this ‘’stored’’ electricity in months that you need it.
  • You will receive a monthly electricity bill with only the most important information.
  • You do not have to cancel your current electricity supplier contract because this is done for you.
  • If you recently switched electricity supplier and you might get a cancelation fee, this fee will be paid for you. 
  • The solar router is a very high quality industrial 4/5G router with double SIM card
  • The 4G network can be used for communication between the inverter and the internet. – No internet communication problems at locations with a poor Wi-Fi signal.
  • You can always be assured that you have the best rates and you no longer have to check your rates every year to compare. 

Why do we offer this?

  •  People who don’t live in Spain all year have multiple months per year where they produce much more than they use.
  • People with a heat pump or pool heat pump have a lot of production in summer and less in winter, while they need most electricity in winter, when there is less sun. 
  • The electricity supplier that has the lowest rates today can have the highest rates tomorrow, and you don’t want to constantly compare rates every year. 
  • We have not seen any other company offer such an interesting service and because the company behind the solar router is a large and trustworthy party.
  • We want our clients to have the lowest possible electricity bills.

What does the solar router cost?

Switching, canceling the previous supplier, the 4G router including 4G sim card without monthly fees, installing the 4G router and finalising the contract will cost 415 euros + IVA. We as solar power systems are not financially compensated for this and only do this to help you get the lowest electricity bill possible. The invoicing, supplying information for the switch, placing the router and the planning for this will therefore not be done via us. If you want to switch or have more information, we can give you contact details to inquire information or switch to the solar router service.

Important: This service is only available for our clients and contact details / information will only be given to those who have bought or are going to buy a solar panel system from us.